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An interior design consultation can encompass an array of things: perhaps you have hit a roadblock in your remodel and are unsure where to go next, maybe you are shopping around for a designer that understands your vision and has the know-how to execute, or maybe you have no idea where to even begin and simply want guidance from a professional designer.

No matter where you are in the process, a one-on-one consultation with Joelle Uzyel can help get your design going on the right track. An interior design consultation with our team can be an opportunity to see your home first hand and start the conceptual process. We will help solve your decor dilemmas, learn more about your vision for space, how it fits in with your lifestyle, and give our best advice on how to make the best use of your space.


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What to Expect

30 minute session

  • Ask three or more questions.
  • Advice on decorating one room.
  • Recommendations of my favorite stores & brands.
  • Advice on a floor plan layout.
What is Just You & Joelle?

Just Ask Joelle is a virtual platform that connects homeowners via video conference appointments with industry-leading interior designer Joelle Uzyel. It is created for those seeking advice from an expert to either help you begin conceptualizing a new design project or needing additional support through your current design projects.

How long is each session?
Our standard session is 60 minutes. For those who need a short meeting, we also do offer an optional 30 min session for returning clients only.
What happens if my session ends but I still have questions?

No worries! You can always schedule another consult with Joelle Uzyel.

Is there a limit for how many guests could attend a consultation?

No, of course you can come with an unlimited amount of guest if you are all sharing the same screen. If other guests such as your architect, contractor or landscaper would like to join the meeting. Please let us know and a zoom link with be shared with you.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel your appointment for a full refund up to 24hrs prior to your scheduled session. To cancel a consultation please email us at Info@JoelleUzyel.com

Should I prepare for my consultation?

It is always good to be prepared for your session in advance. The more information you can share, the more productive your session will benefit you. Preparing a list of questions, sharing photos of the current space, any links or images of items in questions, mood boards etc.

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